Are you looking for a way to help your wayward pup become the great canine companion you had always dreamed ?  We have just the thing!  Be it private one-on-one training sessions, intense day training or group classes, we will help your pooch get the skills they need to earn a gold star!


We serve all of Central Connecticut and can either meet you in your home or at the outstanding positive reinforcement training facility, Tails U Win! Canine Center in Manchester, CT.

Want to get the most out of your training?  One-on-one private lessons are just the thing!

With our Perfect Puppy Obedience Training Program, your puppy will be a star!

From basic obedience, to sport classes and dealing with over-exuberance and reactivity, our classes are a great choice and value.

Frazzled?  Stressed?  Do not have time to train?  Our Day Training Program is for you.


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