Clickability Dog Training, LLC

Where Dog Training CLICKS!


Clickability Dog Training, LLC - Where Dog Training CLICKS! is a dog-training company that provides the help you need to bring out the best in your canine companion!  From private in-home consultations, puppy training and behavior modification to group classes and dog sport instruction, we can get you and your dog on the same page so that you can better enjoy each other's company. 

Day Training Program


We all lead busy lives.  With this program, we will train your dog for you!  How great is that?!

Click for Change


If your dog has a serious behavioral issue, we can help.  We can bring out their inner good dog!

Perfect Puppies


Let us help your puppy grow up into the well-rounded, well-behaved dog you always dreamed of!

Group Dog Classes


From basic obedience to dog sports and real-life skills, our group classes offer what you and your dog need!

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​​NEWS FLASH!  We are moving to los angeles county in december!  Book a training session today and get 10% off!

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